Ark how to build without support

Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. At in this videohhow did they build that giant bridge without supports?

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. Jerryn View Profile View Posts. You can do that yourself. Make a bunch of columns and some ceilings. Place one column and make it, say 4 columns tall. Then, put a ceiling tile as low as you can on the column. Attach more ceiling tiles, in a long row, to that, putting in columns as necessary to support those ceilings. Run it out for say 10 ceilings you can do a few less if you want.

Now, go back to your first column, and put a tile on top of it. Then attach more tiles to it, going in the same direction as the lower row of tiles you put in. So long as all of the lower ceilings and columns are connected to each other, the upper row will be supported by them. You can build like that using MODs on unofficial servers.

Sl1pg8r uses MODs. The "Corrected" structures mod allows you to extend one roof tile endlessly as long as it has 1 support attached somewhere.

You can see different examples here. Last edited by Jerryn ; 9 Dec, am. Originally posted by Jerryn :.

ark how to build without support

Thanks for responses. Originally posted by briana :. It is a really handy thing actually. Ark only checks vertically for 'foundation' and doesn't care if that foundation is attached to yours currently. We take advantage a lot by littering uneven or underwater terrain with pillars and then just extending one up to start the actual base.

It is a lifesaver for bridges. I built one across a wide lagoon once on the West Coast, around 50 Lat. I main bridge was just barely covered by water, but you could still run full speed across it. And, using the the trick of the fully connected underside foundations, you could swim under it with a plesio.

It also saves a lot on materials and objectsbecause you are not running columns all the way up to each tile. Krux View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by JavaJunkie37 :. Last edited by Krux ; 9 Dec, pm. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 9 Dec, am.Foundations can only snap to each other on the same height which can be inconvenient especially if you want to build on uneven ground.

First off, starting at the bottom you may be able to make a ramp that is flawless and has no steps but you will also spend two days of trial and error trying to get it far enough out from the cliff to get the angle to hit the top perfectly See Advanced Ramping.

Second off, this walkthrough is subject to change as Ark is constantly updating and improving! Starting at the top you can easily build down. Recommend the use of a slow flying mount or extreme caution and a parachute. The formula is very simple.

Building a ramp like this is all about math. The ceilings and alternating building materials are for measuring and counting purposes, no ceilings are actually necessary in the completed ramp except for the anchor at the top! This guide assumes you can figure out how to place your own pillars. See the Extended Ramp's Tips and Tricks if you need help. Remember, if you cannot get it to intersect - ramps are not obstructed by ceilings but ceilings are obstructed by ramps.

If you have your steep slope, uneven cliff, or whatever else you need to ramp it up you'll start out a lot like a regular extended ramp with a few changes.

Building Guides

The end result should be much more material efficient and less time consuming over all! Yes, I could have phrased this more mathematically. Yes, I could have probably written them out as equations.

Ain't nobody got time for that. Feel free to add a Fractions section or whatever if you are bored and want super extra credit with the math teacher from Step 4. Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch. This page contains guides to build different structure-components. Category : Guides.

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All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO.By FlayApril 26, in General Discussion. I was on the same server, alas forgot the number.

And saw on the red obelisk a man built a cell cage for the Rex. Approximately 20 to 20 celling. Moreover, only the first line was the foundations. All the rest were ceilings in the air. This structure had no support in the water. There were also no pillars that hold this building. Several pillars were installed at the corners of the building on the ceilings themselves and it was visible along the circumference of the thin foundations for the fence installed also on these ceilings.

4 ways to build a floating/unsupported base - ARK: Survival Evolved - Building Tips

This method was once used in the construction on Quetz, when the pillars simply floated in the air and turrets were mounted on them. It is not reliable. I'm afraid the building will just crumble after restarting the server: D.

Who knows how to do this please tell me. You can build ceilings 2 tiles away from a foundation before you need another foundation to continue. It's likely that there were foundations underwater allowing them to achieve that type of build. Pillars are used to create a snap point on the ground to allow a foundation to be placed in such a way that you can continue using ceilings. I checked, no support in the water. I'm inclined that somehow you can fix a pillar and small foundation - which will provide support for the ceilings.

Alas, I do not remember the server, it was last week. If once again I'll get there when I trade I'll necessarily make a screenshot.

Building Guides

About the youtube video you've put up it shouldn't be possible to build in the air like that anymore without at least one structure connecting to a foundation on the ground, the video you've shown is something that I think has been fixed a while ago. I understand what you are talking about. Alas, as I wrote above - no, this is not a method of building the foundation below and the main base at the top. I just did not need to, I did not learn it thoroughly. But now me need to build a box without a floor.

Just if someone knows how to do it, tell me in PM. Put ceiling on top of pillar and go from there I've seen people build pillarless bridges, very high up, by just laying foundations in the water. Floating bridges that we'd use to go from south tropical island on the center to the snow biome some distance away. Pve official. Therefore I'm sssuming there's foundations in the water or somewhere underneath the spot that seems to have no foundation support.

If you build on fence foundations you can't put a ceiling on the walls but if you get a pillar it will snap next to the fence foundation and count as a foundation even though it's not touching anything and then you can place ceilings on the wall.

I repeat - there is no support in the water.

ark how to build without support

As a simple example: We build 1 foundation and 2 ceiling aside. This limitation can be bypassed, it should look like this: 1 foundation. From him to one side is 4 ceiling.To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 7, times. Learn more The truth is is you just have to learn from you mistakes. Poking around the ARK Wikia and similar resources to see what other creatures are on the island can help.

When you're getting started, though, there are a few basics to know. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Explore this Article Steps. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Co-authored by 8 contributors Community of editors, researchers, and specialists August 29, Creating your character isn't very necessary.

There is no change in stats if you make you Character Arnold 2. The important part is choosing where to spawn! Even the good players never spawn on the north end, unless you have a death wish. You'll instantly be freezing and surrounded by more dangerous predators than you can count. As you become more experienced, you could spawn on the east or west ends, but for now, try to spawn on South 1, 2 or 3. Survey the scene. As soon as you get up, and scratch at the strange implant in your arm, look around you.

You'll probably be on a beach, with a thick jungle behind you and an endless ocean in front of you. Look around for resources large boulders and tall trees and try to spot predators. There may be some rocks on the ground that you can press E on and you would be able to pick them up without having to punch any big rocks and hurt yourself.

Keep an eye out for giant crocodiles, anything that looks like a raptor, or anything with a T-rex shaped body. If you see anything, just be aware that they could notice you too! If anything is too close, you might need to move homes. Gather some resources. You're not going to have any tools right of the bat, but you'll get to that. Now, this part is simple. Run up to a tree, and begin to punch it right trigger 2 on Xbox or PS4, left click on PCuntil it falls to the ground.

You now probably have some thatch and maybe some wood, right? If you are on a beach, there should be numerous rocks scattered in the sand. You'll see you have a few items there - hopefully stone, thatch, and wood. There is a tab up at the top where you can go to crafting.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. Zaniun View Profile View Posts. Hey, how would i go about covering up this hole, so that flyers cant get in from the top?

Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments. Behemoth gates, but the kind that goes on ceilings. Trapdoors or something idk. You need to have foundations at the bottom. If you have foundations at the bottom you can have the roof on top. Otherwise you can't. Vesuvius View Profile View Posts. Just put foundations across the bottom. Blam ceilings or large hatchframes across the top no pillars needed. Last edited by Vesuvius ; 23 Oct, pm. Reason i dont have foundations on the floor, is that eggs can easily bug through ive heard.

Then pillars it is. Or raise the whole floor upon stilts Gran View Profile View Posts. It's either foundations or pillars. Last edited by Gran ; 23 Oct, pm. Leslie View Profile View Posts. Use the foundation lowering technique to place a few foundations with their top surface near ground level in the middle of your structure. Then you can complete the roof and still see the eggs.

Each individual foundation will "support" ceilings above and 2 spaces in each direction. Make sure those foundations are inline with the "grid" of the rest of the structure by building in from the walls and then deleting the ones you don't need.

This is assuming the ground is fairly flat and level there. If you don't want to place foundations, you can break one ceiling on each side and put a giant hatchframe from both sides. I think that would fill the area or be close enough to stop birds. Otherwise it'll treat it as a distinct structure and not provide foundation support. Tho i seem unable to place the 3 wide wall and the last 1 wide roof without pillar support.

I have foundations underneath the sand at the bottom, connected to the building. Last edited by Zaniun ; 25 Oct, am. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 23 Oct, pm. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines.Is there any way to increase wall, ceiling and foundation hitpoints or resistance without touching the door and gate hitpoints? Our server wants to experiment by allowing the turret limit, but making walls, foundations, cielings, doorframes, gate frames and hatchframes all 4x stronger.

Then we leave gates at 1x so the base has a very obvious weak point. Is there anything in some sort of override that will change individual structure HP like that? For private servers you could tweak it via server config, not increase health of structures, but tweak the damage they take:.

Search there for StructureResistanceMultiplier.

■Ark Survival Evolved Base Ideas■

Lower values make structures "stronger" basically by making them take less damage. This will not help as he wants to only change specific structures. This setting will change all structures. Yeah I'm looking to keep vanilla doors and gates, but beef up structures that do not open and close.

We want to see how PvP plays out with a turret limit, but a more "forced" path for raiders to attack your base. Right now turrets stops 0 offline raids.

Maybe if each regular wall or cieling took 20 or 25 c4 to break, but doors took 2, you could focus your defenses. Or perhaps it could make internal defenses matter more since walls are much more difficult to break. Building defensive corridors and such. We just want to see how it would play out. Beefing up doors with the rest of them doesn't accomplish this. It would only make raids more costly, but would not affect anyone's attack strategy.

General Discussion. Recommended Posts. Posted January 23, Hey all. I can't find information online, so my assumption is such a thing doesn't exist.

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ark how to build without support

So,i've been playing ARK for like four months and i know some things about the game already. But there is one thing that i've searched the internet for so long and didn't find any answer for it.

But after puting 3 or 4 ceilings beside each one for the fifth one it says requires foundational support. I've been trying to mess with the. So my question is:can someone help me out by posting the right video or just telling me in detail how to make it cuz i am already irritated by this.

Thanks anyways!! Showing 1 - 15 of 29 comments. Hundezahn View Profile View Posts. Last edited by badlad ; 17 Sep, pm. It wasnt removed you just have to put what badlad said in. Only thing recently removed of recent memory was the noclip option and this is because its a vanilla core game setting now.

Originally posted by badlad :. Vesuvius View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by cakeboss23 :. Originally posted by Vesuvious :.

Server or SP?


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